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Welcome to — a site for everyone who appreciates Scott Joplin in particular or Ragtime music in general, either as a listener, performer, or newcomer wanting to learn more. This site aims to help keep Ragtime alive in the age of the internet and social media via the following:

  • Provide interesting facts about the life of Scott Joplin and other ragtime performers, both old and new.
  • Provide interesting facts about specific ragtime compositions.
  • Showcase current Ragtime music performances and events.
  • Educate about the history of Ragtime and the influential role it played in the evolution of American music & culture.
  • Provide a place for friends of ragtime to connect, discuss, and share anything related to ragtime.

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Scot Joplin, 1903 is a production of, in recognition of the transformative power of music and the important role it plays in human culture.

To contact us via email: ‘ragtime’ at

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